Luxury Scottish cashmere designed by me for you.

Scottish Cashmere quality is the finest in the world. We work with this Luxury fibre spun dyed and hand finished in the traditional way to bring you the classics you’ll enjoy forever!

Our designs are timeless, elegant and fun. The biggest testament to the quality knitwear is our huge amount of repeat business from our loyal customers who know a sweater from us will always keep its shape, not bobble, and always make them feel special. 

Our truly British product is completely sustainable. Our designs are finished to the highest quality. We also love to hear from our customers, so do feel free to call us any time for advice on colours and styles.

For updates on new designs, please enter your email address below. We’ll never pass it on or share it, we’ll inly inform you of anything we think may be of interest to you.


Telephone: 01491 571567

Address: Yewden Manor Cottage, Hambleden, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 6RJ


We’re able to trace every step of your purchase, from raw fibre ethically sourced by our experts to when it arrives beautifully packaged to you. Our spinners have sourced their yarn from the same place for many years to ensure the animals are treated and cherished to the highest standards. 

We only use the top quality yarn and the magnificent quality of the Scottish water to ensure our wonderful vibrant colours stay fresh and beautiful to make you feel special and last forever. 

Caring for your cashmere

Our cashmere is all machine washable on 30 degrees. It only requires a thumb full of liquid to not coat the fibres and make sure to never use fabric softener. 

Dry naturally and you may use a light iron. If buying one of our products with beautiful Acoya shell buttons, make sure to always cover them to protect whilst washing.

Moths are a problem for everyone, so we recommend month bombs. These are cheap and very effective when used at intervals to protect your special clothes and knitwear. 



We always send Royal Mail special delivery to ensure your package reaches you safely. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase due to the wrong size, colour or it just doesn’t suit you, please return with the original label within 14 days for a full refund.